Optimum Pool Steps

Above Ground Pool Steps

Optimum pools can use a typical above ground pool step or entry system to enter and exit the pool. This is the most economical way to go but there are other options to consider if something different is desired.

Most any above ground pool ladder or step designed for 52″ pool walls will be compatible with the Optimum pool.

Optional Walk In Step

When the Optimum pool is installed fully inground, an optional ABS step can be installed.

Step needs to be 8’ x 52’’. Trimline or Cantilever style.
Steps can only be used on the curved side of the ovals.
A radius step must be used with 16’ and 18’ round and oval pools
A straight step must be used with 21’, 24’, 27’ and 30’ pools
An adaptor kit is supplied when the ABS step option is chosen
Pool size must be specified since special panels are required for each size pools

Stainless Steel InPool Ladder

The optional stainless steel in-pool ladder is a very popular choice for anyone wanting a very solid non-movable ladder system. Typically used for inground pools, these are installed in concrete and work great with a cement or paver deck. The stainless steel ladder is often used alone as a main entry/exit point or combined with the walk in step in larger pools. The stainless steel ladder will last a lifetime and needs no maintenance.